We are also looking for new ideas and we honored that you would choose Paper Crane Magic to represent your creation. We are looking for unique effects and new ideas so if you think you have something new and original then we would love to see it.

Please send all submissions to submissions@papercranemagic.com. Please include a description of the effect (video is even better) and the method. IF submitting a youtube video please have it listed as unlisted instead of private. You can use a file transfer service to send videos if you wish. We recommend yousendit.com.

As our company has grown so is the amount of submissions we get on a daily basis. We always look at everything submitted but if we do not get back with you it does not mean we did not like your effect. It simply means that for whatever reason we did not feel that Paper Crane Productions is not the best company to market your effect.

No submission will be utilized or publicized without prior agreement with you, the artist.