Sunk is 5 routines from the mind of Seth Rovner that utilize an ingenious, super easy to make gimmick. The gimmick can be made on the fly and allows you to perform powerful card magic without the use of sleight of hand.

In Hand - A card is freely selected, signed and placed in the middle of the deck. The cards are placed half way back in the box. The spectator is instructed to reach out their hand and snatches their card from within the box. At the count of three... their card is now in their hand.

Instant - The trick begins the same as In Hand but this time the box is handed to a second spectator. They are instructed to place the deck behind their back and grab one card from the deck. When they reveal which card they chose... it is their friends signed card.

Slow Jam - The trick begins the same but this time you slowly shake the deck. All the cards fall back into the box except their signed card.

Grabbed - The trick begins the same but this time you place the box in your pocket. After showing your hands clean you reach in and pull out their signed card.

Impromptu Rise - A rising card that uses a freely selected and signed card yet utilizes no strings, no threads, no magnets, no mechanics, no electronics

Important Points
- gimmick can be made on the fly
- very easy
- no sleights
- 5 routines
- magic can happen in the spectators hand
- spectator can ""be"" the magician"
SunkSeth Rovner
5 powerful card tricks that do not require the use of sleight of hand.
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