From the mind of Dan Hauss and Dan White comes an effect featured on the September 24th international David Blaine television special. The reactions with Lit are explosive.

A spectator is asked to take a match out of a matchbook, and ignite a match to verify its validity. The matchbook is then held tightly in their closed fist.

A card is selected in the deck - then visually vanished under impossible conditions. The spectator slowly opens their hand to find the matchbook has visually transformed into a twisted hybrid of playing card and match pack.

Easy to do.
Perfect for all close up situations.
As seen on national TV and used regularly by David Blaine
Includes Bonus routines (Dan White's Floating Match on Hand and Andrew Gerard's Self Lighting Match Pack)
LitDan WhiteDan Hauss
A pack of matches turns into a spectators card... IN THEIR HAND.


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