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Growing Ring
Dan Hauss
A unique ring effect where a previously examined men's ring grows to three times its original size.
Brandon David
Chris "Christyrious" Turchi
Super visual color changing box effect, shrinking box, inverted box, vanishing box and more.
The Treachery of Tricks
Francis Menotti
A journey into the world of meaningful, powerful, and artistic presentations.
Jeff Prace
A fun, portable, easy to use, visual, gimmick.
And All Will Be Consumed
Chris Wiehl
A very visual method for the coin in bottle effect.
Doohickey Switch
Nathan Hickey
Either a visual 3 for 3 color change or a seamless 3 for 3 utility switch.
Hand's Off
Patrick Redford
Redford has taken his Any Card at Any Number to a whole new level.
Function 9
Calen Morelli
A collection of nine practical and hard hitting effects from the mind of Calen Morelli.
Sweetly Done
Shane Black
Visually penetrate a signed quarter into a sugar packet.
Matt Mello
Reveal a spectator's thoughts without peeks, center tears, impression devices, or any sort of linguistic deception.
Dan Hauss
Dan White
A pack of matches turns into a spectators card... IN THEIR HAND.
Sleeping Queen
Dan Hauss
Dan Hauss has created an eerie card illusion that literally brings your magic to life.
Robert Smith
Wounded is more than just a magic trick. It is like a bizarre dream coming to life right before your eyes.